Foo Fighters Lead Singer Plans to Meet With Australia Mine Survivors, Buy Them a Beer

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Dave Grohl says he plans to make good on an offer to buy beers for two miners who listened to his band, the Foo Fighters, during their ordeal of being buried underground for two weeks.

Grohl said he will catch up with the two men when the band tours Australia in October.

"You know what? I'm not just having one beer with those dudes — we're going for it," the 37-year-old rocker told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio Thursday. "This is going to be a big night."

Brant Webb, 37, and Todd Russell, 34, spent two weeks trapped underground when the mine they were working in at Beaconsfield in Australia's southern Tasmania state collapsed in May. As rescuers painstakingly dug an escape tunnel, the pair were handed music players among other things to help keep their spirits up.

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When Grohl heard that Webb had requested that Foo Fighters music be downloaded onto the player, he sent a message of support — and offered to buy them a cold beer.

Webb and Russell, who became celebrities in Australia after their escape, did not immediately comment, but their manager, Sean Anderson, said they would likely be happy to accept Grohl's offer.

"I'm sure they will be very keen to meet him," Anderson said.