We are being poked, prodded and "focus grouped" to death.

To our politicians, our country is a market and you are nothing but a consumer. That's why you feel like you're listening to a shady salesperson when you hear a politician speak.

You are.

They are constantly pitching themselves and their message to you. But in the long run, people see through that. We've seen this commercial before. The difference between talking to a career politician and someone you trust is when you speak to a friend you *know* that even if they disagree with you, they *actually* believe what they are saying. And as bad as politicians are at trying to frame a message and manipulate the masses, this White House is taking it to another level.

Maybe I am just cynical, but did you see what Desiree Rogers, the White House social secretary said in this weekend's Wall Street Journal Magazine: "We have the best brand on earth: the Obama brand... our possibilities are endless." She explained that the crown jewel for that brand is the White House.

Barack Obama is a brand, to sell a message to the consumer.

Republican and Democrat alike are running "infomercials" like they're selling the ShamWow. But I think I'd rather have a conversation with the ShamWow guy because at least he's honest about what he's doing. He comes out and says "I'm selling this" and he stands by his product more than the freaks in Washington. Plus, at least the ShamWow might actually be of use to me.

I have been buying the "politician-product" all my life. My family has bought it and their competitor's products. But the truth is they are just a sham... wow.

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