Flute Causes Evacuation at Maine Airport

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A passenger's flute tucked inside a homemade container triggered the Portland International Jetport's (search) evacuation Tuesday because screeners believed the package could be a bomb.

The jetport, where two of the Sept. 11 (search) terrorists set off on their attack on the World Trade Center (search), was reopened in less than two hours.

The passenger was allowed to board his flight after being questioned, but without his flute in the container made of plastic PVC pipe. Eight flights were affected and more than 300 passengers evacuated while bomb technicians investigated.

Officials did not identify the flute-playing passenger, who they described as a New England businessman in his 40s and a frequent flyer, because he did nothing illegal.

Portland Transportation Director Jeffrey Monroe said passengers should make sure their carry-on bags don't contain items that could raise a security alert.

"There are a lot of unique things people travel with that do not seem problematic," he said. "When looked upon by a security officer, they may look suspicious."