Florida's Gator Problem

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As you know, we are on the road. If you saw Thursday night's show, you know that we did the show from INSIDE the Durham, North Carolina, courtroom where Duke lacrosse player Reade Seligmann appeared yesterday.

We are extremely grateful to the judge, the staff and the county for allowing us to air from inside the courtroom. In every story, we want to bring you to the story as much as possible and if you can actually see where things happen, you are closer to the story. Most judges and counties don't permit their courtrooms to be used after hours for any activities. I have never understood the reluctance to actually letting people see the inside of courtrooms by television since courtrooms are open to the people. Obviously this courthouse is different and the staff deserves a huge "thank you" from all of us. They want you to have as much understanding of the process as possible.

While down in North Carolina I took a zillion pictures... actually just over 100. I will post those pictures next week. I have posted pics today from our coverage of the case Natalee Holloway's parents have brought against Joran and Paulus van der Sloot. The pics give you a little bit of an idea of how we cover stories. My colleague Trace Gallagher did the live shots all day long and thus even ate his meals on the street at the live shot (see the pics.) There is a pic there of Joe Tacopina, lawyer for Joran and Paul van der Sloot. Be advised that he did not want his picture taken, but I insisted when he walked by and he was a good sport.

By the time you read this blog, we are off on another adventure, which we hope to show you tonight (we have our video cameras.) We arrived in Florida after 3 a.m. from Durham, North Carolina, and by 7 a.m. were off on this adventure — looking for alligators. We are spending the day looking at a very serious problem: In the last few weeks, three people have been killed by alligators, others injured and others threatened by them. How is Florida dealing with this problem? How widespread is it? Why are alligators so aggressive now? Should people be worried? What should you do it you run into an alligator, etc. We are getting in boats with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. We are going out on a boat and then a land tour. They say we WILL see alligators... and they will show us how the problem is being addressed. So, don't miss tonight show.

Incidentally, my husband says I am nuts to do this... I think he is really jealous.

Finally, I've also attached four pictures from my FOX News colleague, Adam Housley. Here's what he said about the pictures:

E-mail No. 1

Here are some pics from our recent trip to Sasabe, Mexico, about two hours south of Tucson on the border. This lawless town is considered the launching point for illegal immigration. These pics were taken with my Nikon D-50 through the window and a van arrived. These 11 passenger vans are stuffed with at least 20 people. No air, no safety belts and no stopping on the three/four hour ride to Sasabe from interior Mexico. These immigrants will all tempt the desert with only a water bottle and a backpack. More than 360 died last year trying and the number is on track to exceed that this year.

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