Florida Woman Missing Since Saturday Found Alive

A Florida woman who disappeared Saturday night after leaving a holiday party has been found alive, MyFoxOrlando reported Wednesday.

Sandra Lyons, 36, was found by police Wednesday, safe and sound and staying with a friend, according to the report.

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Lyons vanished Saturday night after arguing with her husband, Chris Meyers, at a party, Seminole County deputies told MyFoxOrlando. She had last been seen at 11:30 p.m. after she stormed off following the argument.

Myers reported his wife missing on Sunday.

A Christmas Day aerial and ground search had failed to find Lyons. Authorities on Wednesday were not releasing details about her recovery.

Meyers had described the argument with his wife as "petty" and not very serious.

"It was very petty; something that under normal circumstances would've gone right away," Meyers told MyFoxOrlando.com. "Friends even thought she was joking but then as the night went on she just kept getting angrier and angrier about it."

Meyers said his wife eventually grew so angry that they decided to leave the party.

Jill Sheehan and other friends followed the couple outside, but Lyons walked away, alone, despite pleas to stop.

"My husband and I came back into the party and then came back out. (Meyers) came back and said, ‘I can't find her anywhere’," Sheehan said. "That was a half-hour later. Now it's been since Saturday night."

Meyers said his wife had been depressed.

"She'd been drinking the night of the party," he said. "That combined with the depression and getting in a little bitty argument, something tends to amplify."

Meyers said he called the police. Seminole County deputies launched an aerial and ground search near the Osprey Lakes subdivision, where tracking dogs picked up Lyons' scent at a nearby picnic area, but it ended at a walking trail.

"In one way, I hope she's warm and caught a ride with somebody," Meyers said. "But on the other hand, it's my biggest fear as well."

Said Sheehan: "She was pretty upset when she walked away, but she loves Chris so much, I can't imagine her going away for days and days and not calling to let him know she's OK."