Florida Pastor Finds Jesus Image in Split Potato

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A Florida pastor discovered food for the soul, and a sign from God, in an unlikely place — a potato.

Pastor Renee Brewster reluctantly started making potato salad for church but was not entirely comfortable doing it, as Sister Frankie normally makes the dish. So she asked God for a sign, MyFoxOrlando.com reports.

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"I was hesitant about making the potato salad because Sister Frankie makes the potato salad at church and I said, 'Lord, if it’s not for me to make potato salad then send me a sign.'"

Next she cut in half a potato and discovered it looked rotten. She only took a second look after her 10-year-old granddaughter said she saw an image of Jesus Christ on the Cross in the split potato.

On closer inspection, she saw the image, as well.

"That’s Jesus on the Cross. Just looking at it I don't have to convince," Brewster said.

She froze the potato heart and used the rest to make the salad, which was served during the weekly rescue mission.

Said Brewster: "I just want people to know God is still as real today as he was back then and he can show up anytime he gets ready."