Florida election officials have scrapped a once-secret multimillion-dollar database containing nearly 48,000 potential voters, all supposed felons.

The state now says the list mistakenly included thousands of eligible voters and left out others, something Democrats have been saying since the last presidential election.

"The fact is Florida seems to have a very difficult time keeping their voter list in the right perspective," said Democratic strategist Bob Beckel (search).

Local officials had been ordered to purge the names of everyone on the felon voter list, who under Florida law cannot cast a ballot until their rights are restored — a fact Republicans are driving home.

"Felons should not vote. I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat, convicted felons lose their right to vote, and they shouldn't slip through the system and be able to vote," said Roger Stone (search), a Republican strategist.

Since the list has been killed, identifying felons becomes just one more task for local election officials. Both Democrats and Republicans admit the state's mistake has shaken voter confidence. The question of felon voters (search) has many wondering if Florida can turn out a controversy-free election.

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