Florida City Accused of Firing Cops Who Had Heart Attacks While on Duty

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Two veteran police officers in Florida claim they were unfairly dismissed after suffering heart attacks while on duty.

Mike Necolettos, a 12-year veteran who was promoted to sergeant six years ago, has accused the city of Davie of firing him illegally, despite his exemplary service. He received a letter on Jan. 3 saying he was fired because he could no longer perform his job and needed to be replaced.

"I was a cop all these years," Necolettos told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel last week. "You give your all and then you're fired."

Lt. Greg Mize got a similar letter on the same day. Like Necolettos, Mize had been unable to return to work after suffering multiple heart attacks. Mize had worked for the town for 21 years.

Necolettos' attorney, Robert Winess, contends that the city violated workers' comp laws when his client was let go by the Davie police force.

"They fired him saying he could not perform his job," Winess told the Sun-Sentinel. "But the whole reason he can't is because of this work-related heart attack."

A town spokesman declined to comment, citing privacy laws.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.