For 148 passengers on an Air Jamaica flight Saturday, it was a long trip — from the gate to the runway and back.

Flight No. 0040 was scheduled to depart BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport at 7 a.m. Airport spokesman Jonathan Dean says it pushed back from the gate at 8:35 a.m. After deicing, the pilot tried to taxi to the runway, but the plane ended up at the very edge of the pavement, leaving no room to maneuver.

Attempts to move the plane failed. Finally, using plows, deicing chemicals, sand and other equipment, the plane was repositioned shortly after noon.

Airport staff cleared a closed taxiway so the plane could move back to the gate, but it got stuck again just a few feet from the loading bridge. More snow had to be cleared, and the plane got back to the gate at 3 p.m.