Flag Fight

Hi everyone!

The love triangle story about the three astronauts dominated our coverage this morning. How could such an accomplished woman snap? Our expert psychologist Dr. Georgia Witkin offered this theory: that after reaching her lifelong goal of going into space last summer, maybe there was nothing else to achieve and a depression may have set in. Whatever the case, Lisa Nowak is facing attempted murder charges even though she's currently out on bail.

A lot of interest today in our flag story, too. A mom in Connecticut who lives in a condo has been flying the American flag ever since her young son was dispatched to Afghanistan. She says it reminds her of her son every day. Her condo board is demanding she take it down. If she doesn't take the flag down by Labor Day, she will be fined $25 a day. If you want to get involved, send your e-mails to friends@foxnews.com and we'll pass them along.

Did you lose a wedding dress? Somebody did in Glenview, Illinois. The dress was found in a white garbage bag in January. Nobody's claimed it yet! It's a Demetrios gown worth $800 to $1000 in a size 10. If you have any information about who it might belong to call the Glenview Park District at (847) 486-7114.

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