Fla. Woman Denied Protective Order From Stalker Before Murder

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A 23-year-old woman killed outside her Orlando office by a stalker had asked for a protective order but was denied, MiamiHerald.com reported.

Alissa Branton, 23, reportedly turned in more than 70 pages of documents, some e-mails from the stalker, to a judge. The judge denied the request and scheduled a hearing for next week, Fox2Now.com reported.

Police say Roger Troy, 61, fatally shot Branton and then fatally shot himself in an AT&T call center parking lot, when she returned from her lunch break. Her co-workers placed calls to 911 describing the scene.

"This gentlemen just shot this woman several times, and then he shot himself," said another caller, who was clearly flustered and confused. "Can we tell if they're breathing?" asked the 911 dispatch operator. "Oh my God. I don't know, ma'am. I can't go closer," the caller responds.

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Branton and her husband, Brent, both worked at the AT&T building where the shooting happened.

Police say Blanton met Troy when she was working at a Hooters restaurant, MiamiHerald.com reported. Blanton says she stopped talking to him after he began sending e-mails describing personal attacks.

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