They drive to work, drive the kids to school, drive you to the store, and sometimes they just like to take a drive. Here are five unbeatable gifts for your favorite person behind the wheel.

Puma Speed Cat 2.9 Mid - $80

The look is old-school, but Puma’s Speed Cat 2.9 Mid hide at lot of function in their form. The ankle-high sneakers have a tire tread sole and rounded heel to make dancing on the pedals as easy as dropping some moves on the dance floor.

Slime Smart Spair - $30

Old or new, the one thing a car is most susceptible to is a flat tire. While you may actually enjoy changing one on a rainy night in a muddy ditch on the side of the road, most people would pass at the opportunity. The Slime Smart Spair 15 Minute Emergency Repair Kit makes a quick fix a lot easier, combining a tire sealant and portable air compressor that runs off of a vehicle’s 12 volt power socket to get you on your way. For soccer moms and dads, the pump may come in handy at practice, too.

Valentine One Radar Locator - $399

No, we’re not advocating speeding or any other lawbreaking activity, let’s just call it “information gathering”. In test after test, the Valentine One Radar Locator has proven to be the benchmark by which all other radar detectors are judged. With not one – as the name would indicate – but two radar antennae and laser sensors, the unit will not only tell you if any Smokies have their eye on you, but how many of them and from what direction. Of course, if you live in Virginia, you’re out of luck, because it’s the only state in the nation where just using one of these is illegal.

Escort SmartMirror - $799

Are you tired of riding around in a car with more electronics stuck to the windshield than a police cruiser? The Escort SmartMirror combines a touch-screen navigation system with a hands-free Bluetooth phone connection and a backup camera in a rearview mirror housing that can be mounted in any car. At $799 it’s not cheap, but considering all of the features included, the price isn’t too bad. Besides, a the clear view forward is probably worth it.

Aston Martin Driving Experience - $2,500

No, it doesn’t come with a license to you know what, but if your special someone ever dreamed of being a secret agent, or just having the opportunity to drive one of finest supercars in the world as fast as it can go, then the Aston Martin Driving Experience may just be the ticket to avoiding a ticket. With events taking place in Michigan, Germany, and even on the ice in Switzerland, participants get one-on-one professional instruction, and you don’t even have to own an Aston Martin to sign up.