Here’s the latest edition of Some Stories You Won't Find on any other Sunday show:

First, The Donald... now, The Al?

Al Sharpton's (search) failed presidential bid has opened the door to a change in direction. He'll host a new career makeover show called, "I Hate My Job."

Sharpton now calls himself the "working man's Donald Trump."

Sex-Free Politics

Anyone who's ever gone onto the Whitehouse.com Web site knows it is not about the presidency (that's Whitehouse.gov), but instead, all about porn.

Well, the U.S. Patent Office has ordered the site to remove any political references. Now, the Web site — which the owner says rakes in more than a million dollars a year — is up for sale.

About Face

Last week we told you about the U.S. Army no longer helping a Tennessee man who gave medallions to families of fallen soldiers that referred to the Bible passage, "Greater love hath no man."

This week, the Army reversed its decision and will continue to help the nonprofit group distribute the medals.