Jaycee Dugard released her first public statement and current photograph of herself since resurfacing two months ago in Northern California, saying she is happy to be with her family and have their unconditional love and support.

The 29-year-old released the statement to People magazine along with photos of herself as an adult, the first to be published since her 18-year kidnap ordeal ended.

The magazine published the cover photo on their Web site early Wednesday morning, with more pictures published inside the upcoming issue.

PHOTOS: Missing Girl Found 18 Years Later

Dugard is shown smiling directly at the camera on the magazine cover and her long, wavy brown hair is darker than the blond hair she had as a child. However the resemblence to pictures taken of the girl before her kidnapping is clear.

Family Spokeswoman Erika Shulte told NBC television on Wednesday that Dugard, her two daughters, mother and sister are close, comfortable and happy and says they "seem like any other family."

Dugard's sister Shana was just a baby when she disappeared.

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Shulte says Dugard decided to release photos to People magazine as a way to "share her joy with the world" and show how well she's doing.

Dugard was 11 when police say she was abducted outside her South Lake Tahoe home in 1991.

Phillip Garrido and his wife, Nancy, have been charged with kidnapping and rape in Dugard's 18-year disappearance. The Garrido's have pleaded not guilty.

Police from the cities of Dublin and Hayward have been searching the land belonging to the Garridos to see if the couple can be tied to two other Northern California child abductions from the late 1980s.

They cautioned that it was too soon to know whether the bone — one of several fragments recovered from the Garrido property and a neighboring parcel — or the presence of disturbed soil that indicates previous spadework were related to any crimes.

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