Fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin Responds to White House

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GLENN BECK, HOST: An update for the story that we brought you earlier this week: Barack Obama fired Gerald Walpin. He is the inspector general of the Corporation for National and Community Service — that is the federal agency responsible for distributing money to organizations like AmeriCorps, and places like ACORN.

But Walpin was investigating the misuse of federal funds by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, former NBA star and Obama friend and supporter. Well, what happened? You're supposed to fire an inspector general with a 30-day notification. It's required by law, and you're supposed to say exactly what you're firing for.

Well, responding to the critics, like me last night, the White House released a statement explaining that Walpin was "confused and disoriented." And they questioned his capacity to serve.

With me now, fired inspector general, Gerald Walpin. He is speaking out about the letter from the White House for the first time.

Gerald, how are you, sir?


BECK: Good to see you. Gee, that's not too veiled of a message that you're maybe a little too old for the job, Gerald. You might be a little senile.

WALPIN: Well, I suggest to you that it's really unfortunate when the government suggests that somebody is too old for public service.

BECK: Well, I mean — only the people that are doing it are just the people that, for instance, Robert Byrd is 91, Senator Ted Kennedy is 77. How old are you?

WALPIN: I will be 78 in September.

BECK: Oh, so you're 77. You're the same age as Ted Kennedy. Speaker Pelosi is 69. Representative Dingell is 82. Senator Specter is 79. Charlie Rangel is older than you are.

WALPIN: A little bit.

BECK: John Murtha is 77 today. Today is his birthday. So, but you're too old.

There is — there were a couple of things that he said, that the board saw you in a meeting and you were disoriented and confused and all disheveled.

Can you tell us about that?

WALPIN: Oh, I was at a meeting making a presentation, telling the board that they had the responsibility to act independently also to oversee what the corporation was doing and shouldn't just follow blindly whatever the corporation said it was doing, and they refused to listen to me. Then I went on to the two reports we had issued, at least I tried to go on to them. I did one of them and they were constantly peppering me with questions.

I think for them to say that I was disoriented is an amazing — amazing slinging of mud.

BECK: Well, here's the question that I have. If you were disoriented, how long ago was that?

WALPIN: That was May 20th, I think.

BECK: OK. So, it was back in May. Didn't they ask you two days before they fired you to go to — in fact, didn't ask you, begged you — to go to San Francisco to give a speech, right?

WALPIN: That's correct, to about 2,000 of their staff and grantees. This is crazy to suggest that I am not able to speak for myself, I'm disoriented.

I'll leave it to the American public and your listeners, for example, who've watched me speak here, the reporters who have interviewed me. I don't think there is a single one that suggested that is correct.

BECK: I am — I am truly sorry that a man has gone through what you've gone through your whole life being a good citizen, just doing your thing, volunteer to serve your country, you're at — the age that you're at, and now, this country, this president is trying to throw you under the bus and make you — put you in a position to where you have to defend your sanity.

WALPIN: Well, if I didn't defend against these attacks, I don't think I could live with myself. I don't think I could look myself in the mirror.

BECK: How's your wife?

WALPIN: I did what was correct.

BECK: How's your wife?

WALPIN: My wife is very supportive. She thought I was very correct in not resigning.

BECK: My wife would be so unbelievably angry. She would be beside herself right now. She would also say, "Go get 'em!" But she would be — she'd be more offended at this than I am.

WALPIN: I think my wife is angry, too, but she controls her anger. And I have three wonderful children. They're very supportive. I will continue to do what is right. I don't know where it will lead, but I'm not going to swallow my principles and drown them out.

BECK: Gresh, can we — can we bump the hot list today?


BECK: I like to bump — we're going to have to take a break and then we'll come back, because I want to talk to you a little bit more about the charges. And then, we found the test — the government test that, you know, for — if anybody is confused and disoriented, it is the mini mental states examination. This is the — this is the test that if grandpa just is taking the tractor out and going through the wall of Denny's — which my grandfather did — you take them to the hospital and they give them this test.

And we'll see if the inspector general has lost his marbles — next.



BECK: We're going to bypass our hot list here for just a second, because I want to get back to fired inspector general, Gerald Walpin. This is the guy who the Obama administration is now trying to smear and say that he is senile. I guess that's it. And you were working from home, which they found outrageous but they knew about that.

WALPIN: Yes, the corporation knew about it and it approved. And even though they didn't, I didn't have to tell them because I have an independent agency. And the federal government's policy says, "We're in favor of your working from home if that helps you with your family."

BECK: OK. No offense, because I think you're totally there, but that's the charge, that you were disoriented. You were confused. You can't really do your job anymore.

WALPIN: But this is idiotic. First of all, they are talking about one meeting out of hundreds I have had with them. They'd know they're wrong on that one.

BECK: So you had this meeting in May, and then they asked you to go give a 20-minute speech?


BECK: You got more time than the head of the corporation, right?

WALPIN: Yes, that's correct. That is what I was told.

BECK: So why would they do that if you were confused?

WALPIN: It's idiotic.

BECK: OK. So they're trying to besmirch this man. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you the test. This is the state examination if grandpa comes in and he's like, "Oh, I'm drooling. Peanuts - where did I lose my shoes?"

That's when you go to the hospital and they give grandpa to the hospital and they give grandpa this test. So let's do it. I'm going to do it exactly like they would do it in the hospital. Ready?

What is the year?

WALPIN: 2009.

BECK: OK. What is the season?

WALPIN: Spring, late spring.

BECK: The date?

WALPIN: Today is June 17th, I think.

BECK: Gresh? Nailed it? Good. OK.

Where are we are?

WALPIN: FOX — oh, we are in New York City, the greatest city of the world.

BECK: And at what state is New York City in?

WALPIN: New York State.

BECK: Do you know what floor you are on? Did you push the elevator...

WALPIN: I didn't push the elevator button.

BECK: Let's see — now, that's for orientation. I think we all know he knows where he is and what time it is.

Registration: OK, I'm supposed to name three objects. I'm going to take a second say each. Then, I'm going to ask the patient, you, to repeat all three after I've said them. I'm going to give you one point for each correct answer. Then I have to repeat them until you can learn all three.

You ready: apple, table, penny.

WALPIN: Apple, table, penny.

BECK: Would you like me to repeat them?

WALPIN: Not necessary.

BECK: What were they?

WALPIN: Apple, table, penny.

BECK: Apple, table, penny.

Is anybody in the White House watching this? How about you, Ted Kennedy? How about Joe Lieberman? You're the ones — you're the only ones that can protect this man. That's it. That's it. I know Ted Kennedy — he's going to do it. Joe Lieberman, help!

OK. Let's see. Spell world backwards. You can use a pencil if you want.


BECK: That was a lucky guess. OK, now, recall — do you remember the three words that I just said to you a minute ago?

WALPIN: Well, it was table, apple and penny.

BECK: Language. What is this?

WALPIN: In English?

BECK: Don't be smart with me.

WALPIN: Watch — that's a watch.

BECK: Repeat the following, no ifs ands or buts.

WALPIN: No ifs, ands or buts.

BECK: OK. Follow the three-stage command. Take paper in your right hand. Fold it in half. Oh, my goodness. He's so confused! My, gosh, you can see what Obama was saying, "We've got to get this guy out!" Put it on the floor. Wow. You got another three points.

OK. Read and obey the following — OK, so you just have to follow me. Close your eyes. Open your eyes. Write a sentence. What are you writing?

WALPIN: "Write a sentence."

BECK: And then just copy this little picture here. Can you copy that picture?

WALPIN: Uh-oh, I'm no artist!

BECK: This is the last one.

WALPIN: I'm no artist.

BECK: People who buy on the whole picture drawing thing is crazy. It's nuts. Grandpa looks like he's going to be OK, boys and girls. It looks like grandpa can drive the car. It's that going to be. Oh, and he got it right! Obama, looks like he's not senile.

This is, to me, sir — I met you for just a short period of time the other day. We talked. You recalled details — when I asked you when you were here two days ago, three days ago, I said, "How long have you been in the service of your country?" You were giving me details of it. You didn't just come out with a number. It's ridiculous.

WALPIN: Glenn, I know why you went through this test. Frankly, what they're saying, anybody who knows me, and everybody who knows me, and those people who have heard me on television, and those people who have heard me on radio, know this is the most incredible smear that has ever occurred to someone only because he is standing up to the most powerful machine on earth.

BECK: Do you think you're going to win?

WALPIN: Do I think I'm going to win? Probably not. I don't. But I do think I will win my own continued self-respect and the respect of others who know me, because I'm not willing to give in on this principle. I did my job, my staff did its job the way we were supposed to do it and I was fired for that.

BECK: What do you think is coming?

WALPIN: I don't know. Probably some more smears.

BECK: Sir, thank you for your service.

WALPIN: Thank you.

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