You don't have to be a millionaire to say, enough.

And you don't have to have Rush Limbaugh's money to take Rush Limbaugh's lead.

And you don't need to have a microphone heard around the world to move the world.

Sometimes all it takes is a little money and not a lot of nerve.

Because it doesn't take much nerve to look around at all the taxes you're paying in one state and decide, the hell with it, I'm moving to another state.

A state where the taxes aren't so high.

Or the soak-the-rich bias isn't so intense.

So I guess this New York State tax report out today shouldn't be too surprising.

You finger 'em for money, don't be surprised if they just show you a finger.

Then leave.

Look at New York, where they keep raising taxes, yet the deficits keep getting worse.

Or in Washington, where they keep finding new ways to soak the rich, yet they still can't soak up the red ink.

The moral of the story?

Maybe, enough of this story.

Time for us to realize the more you tax wealth, the more you lose wealth.

And the more you think you can narrow the gap between the rich and poor by simply taxing the rich and doing nothing for the poor… remember you'll still have the poor, but you won't have the rich.

Because by then, they will have left your state.

Pray they then don't leave something bigger... your country.

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