Wednesday's show was all about misplaced priorities; we need to get our act together both home and abroad.

It must start with securing our border, to keep terrorists and illegal immigrants out. Secure the border; it's not about race or common sense.

Don't apologize to everyone, just fix mistakes. Don't get in bed with brutal dictators over oil — that includes Saudi Arabia.

Then, there's our ideas on money. We have borrowed more in the last six months than in the past 30 years. If you can't run your house like that, then the government shouldn't run our house like that. Instead of doing something revolutionary like spending less, we are begging the Chinese to bail us out.

And finally, the housing crisis that forced the bailouts in the first place. Getting people to own homes is nice, but only when they can reasonably pay for them.

Through all these stories, we're letting one immediate problem blind us to the bigger picture; and that, in turn, causes more problems.

It's time to start finding real solutions, starting right here at home. Only then will the rest of the world trust that we mean business.

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