Finding Nemo, The Italian Job and Bruce Almighty

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Something fishy, a trip to Venice and a heavenly holdover at the movies in the divine glow of The Foxlight.

How many people will be 'Finding Nemo' this weekend? A lot. Unless they've been hiding with the Taliban, every kid on the planet knows this Pixar film is opening and the fish lines should be around the block.

So is Nemo a good catch? Great story, lots of jokes that work for kids and their parents and funny voice performances from people like Everybody Loves Raymond's Brad Garrett who claims they stole his eyes for the puffer fish he plays. There is a resemblance, Brad.

Next, a high octane heist film that gets good gas mileage? The Mini Coopers almost steal the movie from Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron in The Italian Job. It's is a great caper movie that was less than thrilling for the other star -- Ed Norton. This is the film he tried to get out of several times, but he owed Paramount one and he says they forced him to make it. He shouldn't have complained. You won't see him promoting this "job," but it's a fun ride and actually, since he plays a jerk, he may have used his feelings for motivation.

The almighty question this weekend is can anything beat Jim Almighty? Probably, but on the other hand, someone up there obviously likes Jim Carrey a lot. How else can a very mediocre comedy put so much in the collection plate?