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Disturbing to see Tiki with such a banged up hand and his Giants so banged up on the field. He seemed worried as a player but came with his "A" game as a host. Along with Kiran we just had a great time talking to all the experts including Joe Montana. Remember him? Yes, the quarterback. Later in the show we'd meet another legend Mark Messier.

One story line that ran through both shows was the "Should I?" or "Shouldn't I?" debate when it comes to talking with Iran. I could not believe we could not find a caller to say we should talk to Iran!

Today was really about the transition in Congress and in Iraq. Found it curious that Prime Minster Olmert was so effusive in his praise for President Bush and for the meeting they had. We know their number one priority is Iranian nukes and they may have come to an agreement of sorts about what's next in the quest to keep them nuke free.

We woke up to the news that Rudy Guiliani has filed papers to form an Exploratory Committee.

Tomorrow we talk to John Edwards. Not the John Edward that talks to dead people that I said we had booked. Oops! You'll hear from the former Democratic Senator.

Of course we have much more…

Last week we told you about the USO program where for $10.75 the 5-piece gift set (deodorant, lip balm, sunscreen, hand cream, and shower gel) gets sent to the USO and included in the bag along with other donations. So for each donation made, one gift set will be sent to the troops. In addition, $4.00 of your $10.75 will be given to the USO to provide emergency relief programs, family assistance activities, entertainment tours & more.

Any one interested can go to the web site at: www.youravon.com/plibrandi

Ask for my buddy Phyllis.

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