So Senator Tom Daschle is the second Obama nominee to reveal he hasn't paid taxes.

Now, I think it's nice to see that even the members of the party of higher taxes also hate paying taxes — just like us. But at least we do pay taxes — even when we're not up for a cool job with laminated IDs or monogrammed houseboys.

Which bugs me.

I mean, how amazing is it that these dopes only "discover" the error in their taxes when they're being vetted for a job. It's like my guests discovering those makeshift graves out back, whenever I throw a barbecue.

Daschle owes 130-grand based on income in the form of a free limo and driver. The real outrage, however, isn't the free part, but that it was a Cadillac. What with global warming, the party of climate change should be rejecting gas guzzlers and embracing a Prius, perhaps driven by an adorable, solar-powered spotted owl. It could have a retractable windmill for gusty days and organic tail lights.

Sadly, the senator used the car and driver for personal reasons mostly — which I suppose means errands, dinners and third base. It's just too bad Daschle didn't play the liberal compassion card and say his personal errands were noble ones, like delivering food to shut-ins or Botox to Nancy Pelosi.

Then he would have been fine. But he will be anyway. Since were in crisis mode, Obama could put up a ferret and no one would care.

See Carol Browner.

And if you disagree with it, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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