The last member of Adolf Hitler's notorious inner circle has died at age 96, leaving behind instructions to publish a manuscript about his time spent alongside the German dictator, the Telegraph reported.

Fritz Darges was present for all major conferences, social engagements and policy announcements during World War II — and experts believe his memoir could disprove claims by some disputed historians that Hitler never directly ordered the extermination of the Jews, and that the "final solution" was the brainchild of SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

Darges rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel and thought Hitler was a genius. It was rumored that the dictator's sister-in-law Gretel Braun was interested in him, but he "didn't think he should become the brother-in-law of the Fuhrer."

In 1944, Darges' relationship with Hitler changed at a conference when Hitler ordered him to destroy a fly that buzzed around the room.

Darges suggested that, as it was an "airborne pest," the job should go to the Luftwaffe staff officer, Nicolaus von Below.

Enraged, Hitler dismissed Darges, yelling, "You're for the eastern front," and Darges was sent to combat.

Darges died at his home in Celle, northern Germany.

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