Fallujah News and John Edward

Tomorrow's "DaySide" will be heavy with breaking news from Fallujah (search). Just as we did on the air today, our correspondents and military guests in Fallujah will answer any questions if you email them to me: dayside@foxnews.com.

In other news, we will also have an unusual guest on the program: psychic John Edward (search). If you've ever seen his show, "Crossing Over", you know his amazing effect on people. John's main reason for coming on “DaySide” is to talk about his new book, "Final Beginnings" (I'm reading it now — it's fascinating), but I'm sure he'll answer some questions if you want to email them to me.

One more thing: if you know anyone with a "good news" story out of Afghanistan (search), please let me know — I'm working on a special project and I'd appreciate any leads.



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