She may be known for her perfect figure, but according to Us Weekly magazine, singer Fergie isn’t worried about gaining a little weight gain.

“I’ve actually gained 10 pounds,” Us quoted the singer as saying. “No, really – for the film, ‘Nine.’ Actually, 13 to be exact.”

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The former Black Eyed Peas front-woman said she ate “everything.”

“Fish and chips. Everything fried – things I don’t normally eat.”

But now the star is back on her diet and eating and isn’t worried about the upcoming holidays, Us reported.

“You can do creative things. You know turkey isn’t fattening—you can do that. A little bit of gravy—have a nice big salad,” she said.

But just because she likes to eat healthy treats on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean she doesn’t indulge every now and then.

“I like a good pumpkin pie—that’s my favorite—with homemade whipped cream,” she told Us.

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