It's not as if her look or her act are that shocking, but her moves have brought the wrath of Islamic fundamentalists upon her.

Deepika Thathaal (search), or Deeyah, was born in Norway of mixed Asian roots. Her father got her into music and has supported her throughout her career. All was going well until she dared to show a little skin — and that’s when the threats started.

"I would get very abusive phone calls," she said. "I would get abused as I walked down the street. I would have people spit at me."

At a concert in Norway, she was attacked on stage by angry Muslim men who thought she was degrading their culture.

But Thathaal doesn't flaunt her heritage. She's just a European woman pursuing a pop music career — who also happens to be Muslim (search).

Her experience is hardly unique among Muslim women living in the West, whose families moved in search of greater freedom and opportunity — only to find themselves still struggling for peace and security.

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