Welcome Friends,

It was a wild day on the set in Studio A.

First off it was strange not to have at least one of us in “FOX & Friends First,” but Juliet and Mike did their usual stellar job. Loved having most of our guests on, especially Tim Howard. You may not be an international soccer fan, but to understand the magnitude of what he accomplished, picture a guy from London coming over to the New York Yankees and emerging as the ace of their staff. Impossible? Well that’s what Tim Howard did coming from Major League Soccer to the highest division in England and be named best goalie. Howard -- and his legion of fans at Manchester United (search) -- was just one of the high points today.

We -- and especially E.D. -- had a somewhat confrontational interview with former Governor Mario Cuomo (search). He has a book out that compares President Bush to President Lincoln and was determined to make his appearance a speech instead of a conversation. Just going on and on about any topic -- even an explosive topic like war -- is a tune out. Essentially, when we tried to interject he was offended accusing us of a bias.

And, if you thought the interview was friction-filled you should have seen what happened in the break. E.D. let him know how foul his approach was and how clear his Wednesday agenda was and it got ugly. He later called our executive producer Matt to apologize for his role in the fight. In one way he accomplished his goal with me, because I fired back and he came off calm and placid. If you listened to the words and not the tone you’d see past his veneer. Thankfully, most of you did. No doubt about it, he is a professional.

Sensational insight on the Sandy “please doesn’t check my socks for sensitive documents” Berger scandal. We had a former U.S. attorney on who, simply stated, thinks Sandy Berger is in a ton of legal trouble. One might think that because he has not been personally interviewed by the feds yet he is in the clear after seven months, but just the opposite is the case. This is such a big story the New York Times had to put it on the front page, but their headline focused on the Republican furor, not the act. Lets see where this goes maybe it will get buried under the convention and security news.

Thursday we will have part I of a two-part interview with Mike Tyson. I caught up to him in Phoenix last week and was stunned by his transformation. Being broke for two years has been a source of liberation for the former champ. Or maybe you think I am being conned by a 38-year-old who knows he has only one last shot at breaking out of his multi-million dollar financial whole. You make the call.

Bigger news Thursday is the release of the 500-page 9/11 Commission report. We’ll all try to speed-read fast for you and bring the new news from inside the study. Look forward to your feedback.



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