A federal government agency on Monday said it filed suit against Wall Street brokerage Morgan Stanley on behalf of a top bond saleswoman it fired last October, and up to 100 other women employees.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), responsible for preventing bias based on race, gender or age in the workplace, is suing Morgan Stanley on behalf of Allison Schieffelin and other Morgan Stanley female employees, the agency said at a press conference in Manhattan.

The EEOC did not say what amount of damages it sought to recover from Morgan Stanley.

In June, the EEOC found Morgan Stanley discriminated against Schieffelin, a bond saleswoman who made upward of $1 million a year, and other female employees.

Schieffelin filed a formal complaint in November 1998, claiming the investment bank denied promotions to women and paid them less because of their gender. Morgan Stanley disputed the EEOC's findings, and said it fired Schieffelin for insubordination.