FDA Scientist: Five Drugs on Market May be Unsafe

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David J. Graham, a scientist with the FDA, told U.S. senators Thursday he had safety concerns with five drugs currently on the market.

Here is a list of coverage that WebMD has done on each of these drugs. The FDA is currently investigating Graham’s concerns further. No one should stop taking these drugs without talking to their doctor.

Bextra: Used to treat pain and arthritis.

Concerns: Two studies have linked the drug with an increase in heart attacks.

Stories on Bextra:

Bextra Ups Heart Attack, Stroke Risk

Pfizer Warns of Skin, Heart Risks From Bextra

Crestor: A statin cholesterol-lowering drug.

Concerns: Studies show it can cause muscle damage and kidney failure.

Stories on Crestor:

FDA: Use Caution When Prescribing Crestor

Cholesterol Drug Safety Questioned

Meridia: Weight loss drug.

Concerns: The drug can raise blood pressure with limited weight loss benefit.

Stories on Meridia:

Is the Diet Drug Meridia Too Risky?

Beware of Untested Weight-Loss Pills

Accutane: Treats severe acne.

Concerns: Drug prescribed for many women of childbearing age despite its known risk of birth defects. Graham says the FDA isn’t doing enough to protect these women.

Stories on Accutane:

Lawmakers Call for Accutane Ban

FDA Panel Urges Stricter Acne Drug Tracking

Serevent: Treats asthma.

Concerns: Two studies have shown that the drug may increase asthma deaths.

Stories on Serevent:

FDA Issues Warning for Serevent, Advair

Safety Concerns Halt Asthma Drug Study

By Cherie Berkley, reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD

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