FBI Seeks Info on Missing Employee of Armored Carrier Facility After $7M Robbery

A nationwide manhunt is under way for a missing employee of an armored-carrier facility and his girlfriend after thieves stole more than $7 million dollars from the Ohio company earlier this week.

Roger Lee Dillon, 22, of Youngstown, Ohio, is wanted for questioning by the FBI after not showing up for work at the Liberty, Ohio, after the robbery was committed.

On the morning of Nov. 27, employees discovered the safes — containing $7 million in cash and checks — empty. The burglars also deactivated the alarm system and disabled a surveillance tape during the robbery.

Special agent Scott Wilson, from FBI's Cleveland bureau, told FOXNews.com that Dillon was employed at the facility for the past nine months. He said although there is no warrant out for Dillon's arrest, he is wanted for questioning because he would have access to security codes and combinations.

"We consider him armed and dangerous because of the severity of the crime," Wilson said.

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Authorities also want to question Dillon's girlfriend, who has also disappeared. Nicole N. Boyd, 24, is not considered a fugitive from the law and is not an employee of the facility.

The couple was last seen in a 1999 GMC pickup, Ohio license plate EGL-6652, and are believed to still be in the U.S.

Wilson said agents are reviewing Dillon's MySpace page, which they believe reveal several hints of the crime.

On his page Dillon writes, "True happiness is going for it, to hell with what society says. I am always striving now, though in secret and only one person knows; but she'll keep our secret."

"We're certainly looking at some of the comments on that MySpace page to see if we can develop further leads from that," Wilson said.

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The page, which was last logged in on Nov. 26, also describes Dillon as a Wiccan.

"I am not for this world; I enjoy every moment for what it is and not what it could be," according to the posting in the "About Me" section. "I find great amusement in consequences for my actions. I don't care what you think about it."

AT Systems, the armored-carrier facility, is offering $100,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thieves. The facility has six locations in Ohio.

FOX News.com's Melissa Underwood and FOX News' Ian McCaleb contributed to this report.