FBI Search for Ohio Armored Car Employee, Girlfriend, Mother in $7 Million Theft

Authorities are searching for an employee of an armored car company and two others as they investigate the disappearance of $7 million in cash and checks.

The FBI appealed for tips on finding Roger Lee Dillon, 22; his girlfriend, Nicole Boyd, 24; and his mother, Sharon Gregory, 57; all of Youngstown.

There are no warrants out for Dillon, Boyd or Gregory, but the FBI and Liberty Police Department want to question them, said FBI spokesman Scott Wilson. The FBI said the three have not been seen since day of the theft.

A pickup truck belonging to Dillon was found in a parking lot in Salem after a resident recognized it from news reports, police said. The FBI towed the truck on Thursday.

The disappearance of the money was discovered Monday at an armored car garage of AT Systems International. Two drivers discovered the safes had been cleaned out and called police.

Officials said the alarm system was deactivated, safes were opened and money to be delivered to banks was gone. Then the alarm system was reactivated.

Dillon began work at AT Systems International's Liberty office less than one year ago, said a representative of Garda, the company that purchased AT Systems in April. AT Systems offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible.

There is no phone listing for Dillon or Boyd at the address they shared. Gregory has an unlisted phone number and could not be contacted.