Father of Israeli Soldier Appeals to Hezbollah

The father and the new bride of an Israeli soldier snatched by Lebanese guerrillas appealed Monday to his captors to give them word of his condition through international humanitarian organizations.

Ehud Goldwasser, 31, and fellow reservist Eldad Regev, 26, were snatched by Hezbollah from Israel's side of the Lebanon border on July 12. In response, Israel launched a massive air operation in southern Lebanon while Hezbollah pounded northern Israel, including this town about six miles south of the border where Ehud Goldwasser and his bride of one month have their home.

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"Please let me see a sign that Udi is alive," Karnit Goldwasser said in an interview with AP Television News, using her husband's pet name. "We are just married, we have started to begin our lives, please let me see a sign that he is alive, that everything is O.K with him."

Goldwasser's father, Shlomo, noted that world leaders meeting at the Group of Eight summit in Russia on Sunday called on Hezbollah to free the two captured soldiers, for the Palestinian Hamas group to release a 19-year-old soldier it captured in a June 25 raid from Gaza into Israel and for Israel to set free Hamas ministers and legislators it subsequently took prisoner.

"I'm calling on the people who kidnapped him to contact any humanitarian organization in the Western world or whatever and send us a sign of life from my son," Shlomo Goldwasser said. "We are not going to criticize any organization, we're not going to judge anyone, we just want to know from the humanitarian side ... if he's hurt and if he needs help, medical aid, that's want we want from them."

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