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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: First, the ever-cocky Drew Peterson, shackled in a jail jumpsuit, charged with the murder of his third wife, screamed this to reporters on his way into court today.




DREW PETERSON, CHARGED IN MURDER OF THIRD WIFE: Three squares a day and this spiffy outfit, how can I beat that? Look at this bling I got.


VAN SUSTEREN: Joining us live is Mary Frances Bragiel, reporter for WBBM radio. Boy, he is cocky, is he not.

MARY FRANCES BRAGIEL, WBBM RADIO: Greta, nothing's changed in the last 18 months since this case, this investigation, I have to say, began. And I spoke to a spokesperson with the Will County jail late this afternoon. He said Drew's in great spirits in a six-by-nine cell with a shower there, and he couldn't be happier.

VAN SUSTEREN: I -- where -- I mean, what happened today in court? He wasn't there long.

BRAGIEL: No, he was there -- just there for a few moments. His attorneys weren't there. I spoke to Joel Brodsky about an hour ago, his attorney, who told me that it wasn't necessary for him to be there because any first-year law student could handle that today, faxing in this motion to have the arraignment moved until next week. So he was just there for just a few minutes, and then he was -- went back in the van with the shackles on and taken back to the jail.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, now, this is bizarre. We're looking at this photo. This guy is laughing, yelling things to the media. This -- I mean, is he taking any of this seriously? I mean, I guess this has got to be -- I mean, he's not insane, of course, but I mean, this is sort of bizarre behavior.

BRAGIEL: But you know what, though? We've been hearing this since it began, Greta. He keeps talking about sort of that's how he handles stress, by making a joke of everything. But nobody else thinks it's a joke out there -- he's the only one -- that there are two women dead here, there's a lot of violence against women in this country. But somehow, he believes that it's funny.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you have any more information tonight what it is that links him to this murder of his third wife? I mean, we know that the autopsy report has been -- has been determined that the cause of death is a homicide. But what is it that links him specifically to this homicide?

BRAGIEL: Well, at this point, they have to figure that out. They have to prove -- these prosecutors have to prove that, in fact, it's not all circumstantial, that, in fact, he either did it or he had somebody take care of it for him. But this is -- you know, obviously, this is all based on grand jury testimony. And I will tell you that James Glasgow is keeping it close to the vest exactly what they have on this guy.

VAN SUSTEREN: When is he due in court next?

BRAGIEL: He is due in court on May 18, now, about a week from this Monday, so -- according to his attorney. And Joel Brodsky, by the way, did also tell me that Christina (ph) Raines, his girlfriend or his fiancee or whatever you want to call her at this point, may be retaining an attorney because, apparently, the Illinois State Police have been asking her a lot of tough questions, he tells me.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, that's interesting that you raise it because her father is coming right up. Mary Frances, thank you.

BRAGIEL: Thank you.

VAN SUSTEREN: Things are pretty fluid in Drew Peterson's life right now, but as of yesterday, Peterson was still engaged to 24-year-old Christina Raines. So is the wedding still on? Christina's father, Ernie Raines, joins us. Ernie, good evening. Have you spoken to your daughter in the last 24 hours?


VAN SUSTEREN: What is she saying about Drew Peterson?

RAINES: Well, she says that she still loves him and can't believe that he did it.

VAN SUSTEREN: What are your thoughts about Drew Peterson personally? Not whether he did it or not, but do you like the guy?

RAINES: When I first met him a long time ago, yes. And then but when -- when Stacy come up missing and then they brought out Kathleen Savio, but then the real point, when he went after my daughter. That's when I drew the line because I was saying to myself -- go ahead.

VAN SUSTEREN: No, go ahead. What did you say to yourself?

RAINES: As I was saying, I was thinking to myself that any other man would be looking for his wife, finding some kind of closure for Stacy. He's not even divorced yet. He went after my daughter, moved her in, and that right there tells me, yes, well, he knows she ain't coming back. And I despise him for that.

VAN SUSTEREN: She had been living with him. Was she living -- was she at the house yesterday, as recently as yesterday?

RAINES: Yes, she was. Yes, she was.

VAN SUSTEREN: Has she ever said -- has she ever expressed any sort of concern about Drew and think that maybe he had some -- that he'd murdered his third wife or had any involvement in the disappearance of the fourth? Or did he do anything untoward -- I mean, (INAUDIBLE) done anything weird towards her?

RAINES: No. No. No, she said that he was, you know, good to her, treated her good, and the kids.

VAN SUSTEREN: The reporter we just had on moments ago...

RAINES: Of course...


RAINES: Of course, because he knows that I wasn't going anywhere and he knows that I was watching him. And so was everybody else. He made one false move, he knew I'd he there, that my daughter just call me and said something that he said to her, he know I'd be there. Wouldn't take me that long to get there. I wasn't afraid of him.

VAN SUSTEREN: The reporter we just had on said that your daughter's being questioned by law enforcement and may hire a lawyer. What kind of questions are they asking her?

RAINES: I don't know, but I'm taking care of that. I'm getting her a lawyer.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why does she need a lawyer?

RAINES: Because -- well, they first got her, and then she called me. And then I talked to her again last night at about 1:00 o'clock. She said they won't leave her alone. And I told her, Well, the reason being is you move out, you go back, move in, go back. Now they're thinking that maybe you know something. And you know, that's why they're going to be on you. So we'll have to take care of that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Has Drew Peterson ever said anything to you, or to your daughter that's been repeated to you, that's the least bit -- that makes you think that he's guilty of murder of number three or involved in the disappearance of wife four?

RAINES: Well, like I said before, any other man wouldn't move another woman in when he's not even divorced, move another woman into his house. Not even divorced?

VAN SUSTEREN: But has he ever said anything...

RAINES: Don't know what...

VAN SUSTEREN: But -- OK, but has he -- but has he ever said anything to you about wife number three, about Kathleen Savio, to make you think that he was...


VAN SUSTEREN: ... there that night, that he drowned her in the bathtub?

RAINES: No. No, he didn't.

VAN SUSTEREN: How about the -- What about the disappearance of Stacy? Did he ever say anything to you or anything repeated -- anything your daughter's repeated to you that he's involved in the disappearance of Stacy?

RAINES: No. All's he says was that, Oh, she ran off with another guy. That's all he said.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you believe that?

RAINES: No, I don't. I know. She disappeared, just like Kathy Savio did.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ernie, thank you, and...

RAINES: And that's why...


RAINES: I said that's why, you know, I keep telling my daughter, and that's why I'm glad that they got him and my daughter's out of danger now, you know? Because he was going to move on the lakefront and get a bigger place. And I was reading through the lines on that -- in other words, take her away from me because he knew that she was close to me and I'm close to her, and I was going to be there, no matter what. And that was his way of trying...

VAN SUSTEREN: Ernie, thank you very much.

RAINES: ... to say, Well -- OK.

VAN SUSTEREN: Ernie, thank you very much.

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