Fast Facts: Jobs in the Steel Industry

Despite a ten percent unemployment rate, MRP Steel just can't to seem to find much needed workers. The company has nearly doubled in size in the past year — from 75 to 130 employees —and they're looking for more.

The growth is largely due to the fact that MRP is fabricating the steel for the new Freedom Tower and other structures at Ground Zero. MRP needs as many as 40 people in the next few months. Fox News goes on the job hunt as Americans apply to the positions including welders, fitters and crane operators.

Below are fast facts on the steel industry from the Fox News Brainroom.

MRP Steel

• During the recession, MRP is running seven days a week and has nearly doubled its workforce, from 75 people a year ago to 130

• MRP is supplying about 40% of the fabricated steel for the $3.1 billion One World Trade Center project, which is expected to use 46,000 tons of steel.

• The company also is supplying half the steel for World Trade Center Tower Four and 20% for the PATH train station

Steel fabrication industry

• Steel fabrication is the process of converting steel into steel products

• Steel fabrication industry represented 46,500 jobs in October 2009

• Since recession began in December 2007, steel fabrication employment has declined by -15,500

• Steel fabrication has seen roughly a -25% reduction in workforce (from 62,000) since December 2007

• Steel fabrication industry shed 6,900 jobs between January 2009 and October 2009.

• However, industry has recently gained jobs: +2,600 jobs from August 2009 to October 2009.

Steel Industry

• The U.S. steel industry contributes $350 billion to the nation's economy and generates 1.2 million jobs

Steel and recycling

• All steel products contain at least 25 percent recycled content

• Some steel products contain up to 100 percent recycled content

• 2007: More than 72 million tons of domestic steel scrap was recycled

• Almost 69% of all steel is recycled in North America each year - more than paper, aluminum, plastic & glass combined

New Jersey

• October 2009: Unemployment Rate was 9.7%,

• October 2009: 1,800 jobs were lost overall in New Jersey [private sector employment was lower by 4,400 while public sector jobholding rose by 2,600]

• October 2009: Construction industry added +1,600 jobs in NJ

• October 2009: Manufacturing industry added +1,600 jobs in NJ

Middlesex County, NJ

• There are nearly 800,000 people that live in Middlesex County

• October 2009: Unemployment Rate was 8.7%

• Manufacturing Industries comprise roughly 11% of Middlesex County private firm employment