Main components of the intelligence reorganization bill:

— Creates a new position, Director of National Intelligence, who will be the principal adviser to the president and coordinate the nation's spy agencies. The position will be above the CIA director.

— Establishes a National Counterterrorism Center for planning intelligence missions and coordinating information on terror threats and responses.

— Creates a Privacy and Civil Liberties Board of private citizens, with access to all government agencies, to oversee privacy protections.

— Establishes minimum standards for birth certificates and driver's licenses and improves security of Social Security cards.


— Requires a national transportation security strategy, including advanced airline passenger prescreening and biometric identification systems.

— Tightens baggage screening procedures and security in screening areas.

— Authorizes money to improve air cargo security and studies of blast-resistant cargo and baggage containers.

— Upgrades security features on pilot licenses.

— Develop strategies to counter shoulder-fired, stinger-type portable weapons.


— Tests of advanced sensors, videos and unmanned aircraft to secure northern border and new plans to survey southwest border with unmanned aircraft.

— Adds 2,000 Border Patrol agents and 800 immigration and customs agents every year for the next five years.

— Strengthens visa application requirements.

— Makes receiving military-type training from a designated terrorist group an offense that can result in deportation of non-Americans.

— Requires the Homeland Security Department to implement quickly biometrics screening for those entering and leaving the country.


— Provides funds to combat money laundering and financial crimes.

— Aids criminal background checks of private security guards.

— Establishes mandatory minimum sentences for possessing or trafficking in missile systems built to destroy aircraft or other destructive weapons.

— Makes hoax terrorist threats and giving material support to suspected terrorists criminal offenses.

— Grants wiretapping and investigative authority to pursue "lone wolf" terrorists not affiliated with a terrorist group or state.


— Recommends increased diplomacy in the Islamic world to combat spread of terrorism and promote democracy. Maintains financial aid to Pakistan and investment in Afghanistan.