Some recent deadly train accidents in the United States:

Jan. 6, 2005: A freight train slams into a parked train in Graniteville, S.C., rupturing a chlorine tank. Nine people are killed by the gas and 234 are injured.

Nov. 10, 2004: A car trying to beat a freight train near Graniteville, S.C., is struck. Five people are killed.

Dec. 12, 2001: A minivan is struck by an Amtrak train near Bakersfield, Calif. Seven people are killed.

March 15, 1999: An Amtrak train hits a truck and derails near Bourbonnais, Ill. Eleven people are killed and about 100 injured.

Feb. 16, 1996: An Amtrak train and a commuter train collide in Silver Spring, Md. Eleven people are killed.

Sept. 22, 1993: A barge hits a railroad bridge near Mobile, Ala. Minutes later, an Amtrak train hits the bent tracks and plunges into the bayou. Forty-seven people are killed.

July 31, 1991: An Amtrak train hits a freight car on a siding near Camden, S.C. Eight people are killed and 78 injured.