Fast Facts: Crisis in Sudan

Facts on the Sudan refugee problem, according to the United Nations:

— Close to 600,000 people in Darfur (search) were provided with food during May by the U.N. World Food Program and its international relief organization partners.

— By the end of June, shelter material and blankets will be available for 90 percent of the one million displaced persons affected by the conflict in Darfur.

— About 350,000 people have been provided with clean water but much more needs to be done.

— The U.N. Children's Fund, the World Health Organization (search), the Sudanese Ministry of Health and several relief groups are carrying out a measles immunizations on more than 2 million children in Darfur.

— UNICEF and relief organizations have opened 18 centers to aid severely malnourished children in Darfur and many more are needed.

— The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (search) has move over 106,000 refugees to eight camps further inside Chad, away from the Sudanese border.