Fashion Freedom in Iran

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Iran is a mess, so any silver lining in the cloud that hangs over that country is worth mentioning.

USA Today (search) found a positive element in a fashion statement that may serve as a political statement. Those dour, black headdresses that Iranian women have been forced to wear for so long are getting shorter and gaining color.

As USA Today’s Barabara Slavin (search) reports: “The change has been gradual, but this year coats have gotten shorter, brighter and tighter, heels higher and scarves have slipped farther back to reveal most of women's hair.”

It may not be as dramatic as the pictures of protest coming out of Beirut (search). But USA Today says we have to look beneath the veil:

“Iran's ‘pink revolution’ is a silent fashion statement that sends a powerful message. Unable to act overtly against the rigid Islamism that has shaped Iranian political and cultural life since the U.S.-backed shah was overthrown in 1979, many Iranians express their contempt for the government through their clothing.”

Whether freedom can flower from such small expressions of independence, we can only hope.

And that’s the Asman Observer.

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