Farrakhan, Wright and Pfleger to Receive 'Living Legends' Award

An unbelievable show this Friday night in Chicago. Together on one stage: Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright and radical priest Michael Pfleger.

They will all be receiving an award called "Living Legends," and you can see it as a VIP if you have a hundred bucks.

The spectacle is being driven by Rev. Wright, who is actually giving himself the "Living Legend" award, as well as the other two guys. There's no third party involved.

All the money people pay to see this dog-and-pony show will go to Rev. Wright's charity. Pfleger will get a bit of it, and so will the Haitian singer Wyclef Jean.

Don't you love this?

Rev. Wright is honoring himself, Farrakhan and Pfleger, and is charging money for the exposition. Is America not a great country?

The serious part of the story is Father Pfleger, a radical-left Catholic priest who runs St. Sabina parish on Chicago's South Side. Pardon the pun, but what in God's name is Pfleger doing on the same stage as Farrakhan, a race-baiting anti-Semite? Why is the archdiocese of Chicago permitting that?

We contacted Archbishop Francis George, but the head of Chicago's 2.4 million Catholics has no comment.

Are you kidding me? This is a scandal. You can't have a Catholic priest whose message should be peace on earth, goodwill to men, standing there with a hateful guy like Farrakhan. I mean, Wright is bad, but Farrakhan is nuclear. This is unbelievable.

Just in case you missed "The Factor" Tuesday night, here's a taste of what Farrakhan said just last Sunday:


LOUIS FARRAKHAN, NATION OF ISLAM LEADER: The white right is trying to set Barack up to be assassinated. There are Christians…

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yeah, yes, sir.

FARRAKHAN: …praying for God to kill Barack Obama. He wants to write a new page with the Muslim world, but the Zionists won't let him. Now they got him with a mustache like Hitler.


FARRAKHAN: I thought I was the new black Hitler.


Again, Archbishop of Chicago Francis George will not comment about one of his priests being honored with Farrakhan and Wright.

"Talking Points" has no problem with these three men speaking about anything. They have First Amendment rights. But the whole deal is so bizarre, we thought you should know about it.

"Living Legends" indeed.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Fox News analyst Sarah Palin appeared on Jay Leno's program Tuesday night.

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JAY LENO, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW": Are you willing to make your comedy debut tonight?

SARAH PALIN, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: You know, I am and not even using cue cards. I will know these jokes like the front of my hand.

This is a thrill of a lifetime. Alaska being so different from Los Angeles. Here, when people have a frozen look on their face, I find out it is Botox. It is so beautiful here though, so warm here. Back home it was freezing. It was five degrees below Congress' approval rating. I watched the Winter Olympics, skiing, fighting on the ice, skating, bobsledding. In Alaska, that's our morning commute. And how about that amazing closing ceremony? It was beautiful. The minute I saw the giant moose, I remembered, hadn't cooked anything for the kids' dinner. The truth is though I'm glad that I'm not vice president. I'm glad, because I would not know what to do with all that free time. Jay, thank you so much for inviting me. I saw where it has been a few weeks of unfair, nonstop criticism, people who don't know the real story. Jay, welcome to my world.

LENO: Sarah Palin. Thank you, Sarah. Good to see you.


Was the governor a pinhead or a patriot on "The Tonight Show"? You make the call.

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