Farrah Fawcett has dropped a lawsuit she filed over the rights to her famous red swimsuit photo.

In February, the actress sued Bio-Graphisc, Inc, Pie International Inc. and author T.N. Trikilis, who collectively claimed to own exclusive rights to the iconic photo.

In the suit, Fawcett claimed that Trikilis had “falsely asserted to third parties that [she] did not own any rights in the photographs.”

The actress claimed that she “owns and possesses all the photographs and negatives taken at the shoot.”

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Fawcett initially requested $100,000 minimum, but entered into a dismissal May 11.

Meanwhile, her partner Ryan O’Neal is being sued by a filmmaker who claims he is the man behind the Farrah Fawcett documentary “Farrah’s Story” that will air on NBC tomorrow.

Craig Nevius of Windmill Entertainment claims that for two years, he worked closely with Fawcett on the film before he was forced out by Ryan O’Neal and Alana Stewart, the woman who has been widely credited for the project.

The suit also alleges that O’Neal threatened Nevius physically.

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