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The hatred for George W. Bush on the left — the far, far left — has gotten so bad that far-lefties are now openly contemplating some extremely radical solutions to the Bush problem.

Here's one: abolish the office of vice president. You could say it's because the lefties hate Vice President Dick Cheney, and boy do they ever. They're mad at him for a whole laundry list of imagined and concocted offenses, having mostly to do with the fact that Cheney doggedly pursues our nation's enemies and he doesn't much care what most people think of what he is doing. The hatred for Bush comes in because it is Bush who lets Cheney do what he wants. The free range of Cheney is the fault of George W. Bush.

Today, Raw Story — a leftist blog that traffics in hating both Bush and Cheney — floated the idea of abolishing the office of vice president so that no president could ever again let his VP do what Cheney has done over the last six plus years.

I realize this is a blog that not many people read, but this is how ideas get started on the left, and I expect we will see it pop up elsewhere soon.

This writer's thesis was even shot down by the constitutional expert which he interviewed, pointing out that the role of the vice president has been to have someone standing by and ready to take the president's place so there are not districting political machinations when the need comes up for the next president.

But still, I would warn people now: This idea will gain credibility on the left. "Why do we need a vice president if he's unaccountable and operates in secret from undisclosed locations and does things that so many of us here on the left don't want done?"

This is how things go bad when the Constitution is involved. In the heat of the moment, when passions of, well, sorry to say it, passions of hate are dominating the debate, truly bad ideas like abolishing the vice presidency take on real currency and become serious discussions.

I don't know where it's going to pop up next, but you watch. Soon enough a John Murtha-like character on the left is going to float the idea. Maybe not Murtha himself. Maybe Dennis Kucinich, except he dreams of being vice president. So maybe not.

That's My Word.

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