Sensing that a liberal senator may become president, the far left in America is stepping up their activities, providing some political entertainment but also a bit of uneasiness to those of us who hold a moderate point of view.

Last week, the nutty MoveOn organization showed up at the FOX News Channel to call us racist. This bizarre display was ignored by most, but remember, MoveOn has a mailing list of millions and receives millions of dollars from far-left finance guy George Soros.

These people are especially dangerous to the country because of that money. And it seems everywhere you look in the media, another far-left loon is spitting out unchallenged lies, the latest being that I receive talking points from the White House.

Now, that kind of stuff is just stupid, but there are serious issues in play on the far left as well. So let's take a look at one of them.

Over the weekend, about 1,000 people demonstrated in Iowa against a Homeland Security raid on a meatpacking plant there. Protesters apparently believe that ICE should allow illegal aliens to do what they want to do with no interruption. So let's look at what really happened inside that plant.

First of all, some of the aliens were physically assaulted by managers, one with a meat hook. And all the workers were underpaid, denied overtime, and generally abused. Two of the meatpacking managers have been charged with felonies. A good thing, right?

Also, almost 300 of the alien workers have been convicted of fraud. They stole the identities of American citizens. Do you want your private information used by another person? Do the protesters want that? Identity theft is a felony in this country.

So, it seems like justice was done in Iowa, does it not? But the far left says no to that question. It wants open border anarchy and condemns the feds for enforcing immigration law, even though it protects aliens from brutal employers. That's how extreme the far left movement is.

And again, this movement is gaining some ground in America. It already controls one cable TV network, a large number of urban newspapers, and a national news magazine.

"Talking Points" will continue to watch the radical movement closely, especially as it pertains to the upcoming presidential election.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

Ninety-one-year-old actor Kirk Douglas is a good guy. Once again, he's donating $1 million to St. Lawrence University. This is the second time he and his wife, Ann, have done that. The money goes for scholarships to minority students.

Mr. Douglas graduated from that school in 1939, and he is a patriot.

Actor Shia LaBeouf, 22 years old, might think about Kirk Douglas and try to clean up his act. He's been arrested for drunk driving after his vehicle collided with another in Los Angeles. LaBeouf, who starred in the latest "Indiana Jones" movie, was hurt and had surgery on his hand.

For putting people, including himself, in jeopardy, the guy is a pinhead.

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