A few weeks ago we told you about a Web site called MoveOn.org, which has generally attacked President Bush on everything. Now billionaire George Soros (search) is giving that organization $5 million to continue its campaign.

Soros is an interesting guy. He's worth about $7 billion, according to "Forbes" and has pledged $16 million of that to unseat Mr. Bush. Soros told "The Washington Post" the Bush administration reminds him of the Nazis and that America and Israel are responsible for the rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe. Soros also believes that "ultimate truth is beyond our capacity." He wants narcotics legalized and believes individuals should do pretty much what they want to do without government with interference.

He's a secularist, who wants profound change in America. By all accounts, his left wing libertarianism is extreme. But George Soros is now a major player in America's political landscape. He's not a fringe. And the far left is uniting behind him and the surrogates at MoveOn.org.

But you shouldn't feel sorry for the Republicans. They've raised almost $100 million to fight the left's agenda. So it will be the battle of the bucks and the propaganda will fly on both sides.

But there is no question the far left has embraced extremely questionable tactics. Defamation, distortion, and demonizing are now common. And the Soros money will make them more common.

Talking Points believes these tactics are un-American. And we know Senators Lieberman, Edwards and Kerry and Congressman Gephardt are not buying into the program.

However, George Soros and his rich pals are intent on setting the Democratic agenda. And it'll be interesting to see if they carry the day.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

A new Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll says most Americans believe President Kennedy was not the victim of a lone assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald (search). Sixty-six percent say there was a larger conspiracy to kill the president. Only 25 percent say Oswald did it alone.

However, when asked if the government should investigate the assassination further, 74 percent of Americans say no, and just 20 percent say yes. Very interesting poll.

Our billoreilly.com poll question is: Has the Smart family exploited Elizabeth? Has the Smart family exploited their daughter, Elizabeth? And we'll give you the results a little bit later this week.

By the way, the Fox News poll is scientific; billoreilly.com poll for entertainment purposes. To not tell you that would be ridiculous.

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