Family Outraged After 5-Year-Old Shoots Baby Brother in Head

The grandfather of a baby who was shot in the head by the toddler's five-year-old sister in England has criticized the children's father for keeping an airgun.

Bakht Rammand said he had already destroyed one air rifle owned by his son Bakht Zaman.

But he was powerless to take action a second time because Zaman had moved into a new home with his family.

Eighteen-month-old Rashid Rullah was accidentally shot in the head while Zaman was using the gun in the family’s lawn.

When Zaman stopped target practice to answer his cell phone, his daughter accidentally fired the gun while her father's back was turned.

Police have described the shooting as a "tragic accident.”

Rammand, 48, said: "Having something like this in the house, especially when there are kids all over the place, is a bad idea. I found one gun in the house when he was living with me...but this gun I didn't know about because he lives separately now otherwise I would have cut this gun to pieces as well."

Rashid remains in a critical condition in hospital.

The incident happened in the Washwood Heath area of Birmingham.

The shooting prompted campaigners to call for legislation to make airgun owners liable for their misuse.

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