Family Affair?

You may think the debate over gay marriage is over the top. But in New Zealand they’re debating incest.

Members of the New Zealand Parliament were recently treated to a lecture by retired history professor Peter Munz as to why their country’s ban on incest was outdated. Speaking before the law and order committee, Prof. Munz laid out his case: "Today if siblings -- against all odds -- should fall in love with each other, they should be welcomed to it."

It seems the prohibition against incest is a useless vestige of the past.

"The prohibition of incest is completely universal in early Paleolithic societies and has lingered on ever since. But in modern civil societies it is an outmoded prohibition."

Prof. Munz was quick to point out that he is only talking about incest between consenting adults: "I'm not talking about fathers abusing children and so on."

While the professor did not get a particularly favorable reaction from the members of parliament, said the disappointed 83-year old: "I was amazed with the reaction of the select committee... I don't expect them to agree with me, but I did expect them to ask intelligent questions."

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