Why are women so obsessed with shoes? I think it's because no matter what kind of day you're having, what you ate last night and whether you haven't been to the gym in days, a gorgeous pair of shoes is always going to make you feel good and look great! This season is no exception. Pretty pumps, exotic prints, knee high AND ankle legnth boots are fabulous this fall. Here are my five favorite shoe trends.

Riding Boots

Would it be a total cliche to tell you to expect to "ride into fall" with this season's hottest shoe trend? Yeah, pretty obvious play on words, but the truth is, riding boots are the one pair of shoes you have to have this season. I love this boot style because yes, they're especially hot this season, but will never go outof style and work year after year. They can be black or brown but should be flat and worn with, well just about anything. Try with jeans for a casual look or tights and a wrap dress for work.

Animal Prints

I have very strong opinions when it comes to animal prints because they can look totally cheesy or absolutely chic. Here's the difference- all-over zebra, tiger, cougar or whatever other animal you choose (and we're talking fake here) is never a good idea. (Does Fran Dresher's nanny character ring a bell?) On the other hand, bits of animal print (particularly accesories- scarves, belts and shoes) can look ultra chic and very rich. When it comes to shoes, I love stepping out in a pair of animal print pumps with an all black or white outfit. It adds just the right amount of pop and is a sure thing when you're struggling with with to wear.

Banded Flats

Ballet flats are still going strong, but are updated this season with a band instead of a bow. Think Little Bo Peep hits Fashion Ave., with banded round toe and almond toe flats. Wear with colorful tights and a corduroy or wool mini or skinny jeans and a long, cuddly sweater. This modern take on a classic, feminine ballet flat is here to stay, so investing in a good pair would not be unreasonable since they'll work next spring as well!

Cap Toe Shoes

Cap toe shoes ala the 1920's, are making a major comeback this season. They go perfectly with the pretty 1950's style dresses we're seeing for fall (and in my Five Most Favorite Fall Wardrobe Trends) and designers are updating last season's mary jane's with brightly colored cap toes. Speaking of toes, round toes are still hot, but so are square so give them a shot!

Open Toe Ankle Boots

Ok, so I'm going to be honest with you, often times designers will update a trend in order to keep you shopping and therefore spending moula! For example, last fall we saw ankle boots up the kazoo and I for one, ran out and grabbed a pair. And now, the designers are showing ankle boots again, except this time they're open toed, brightly colored and oxford styles. Now don't get me wrong, I love the whole oxford thing, and the open toes are totally cool and I say if you're looking to splurge on a new pair of shoes, go for it! But between you and I, last season's styles are just fine.

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