Fallacy of Chris Matthews' Obama Whine

So here are some poll numbers that should scare the low-waisted chaps off Democrats.

By a 50 to 42 point margin, Ohio voters say they'd rather have George W. Bush as president than Barack Obama. Also, among voters in Gallup's weekly tracking of 2010 congressional preferences, Republicans lead by 51 percent to 41 percent. That lead is the largest since Gallup started tracking the stuff in the early 1500s!

And finally, voters by a margin of three to one think I'm gorgeous. Thank you, voters.

Now, there's a reason Bush looks good, but it has less to do with the man than the media. See, back then, you didn't have reporters calling you a dumb racist every time you ragged on the president!

What makes Obama unpopular? For one, you can't disagree with him without being called a bigot.

Check out Chris Matthews, the tingling mess who cannot fathom why no one's happy with Mr. Wonderful.


CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: The wonderful thing about this country is you can grow up to be basically what — you know, it's a "Great Gatsby" country; you can actually create your own identity and become a person. This guy Barack Obama — not to get too basic about it — did everything right. He studied hard in school, he obeyed the law, he raised a family, he took care of his family, he was an excellent student, he was on the Harvard Law Review. He did everything. He went though the democratic process; he didn't go out and make a lot of money on Wall Street. He gave himself to his community. This guy is almost pluperfect and they don't like him.


If only I knew what pluperfect meant.

There's so many things wrong with this. First, people can admire Obama and still disagree with his policies. I think he's a decent guy, but he's way too liberal for me. Matthews can't see that it's about ideology, not race. Maybe he's the bigot.

And as for his unpopularity, Obama couldn't care less. He planned to lose friends from the start. That makes him way smarter than Matthews; he knew America would hate his agenda.

But the biggest lie in Matthew's whine: that it's worse to make money than to community organize. Fact is, financial motives help way more people than community work, which is often just political resume-building anyway. Bill Gates has done way more for the poor than Obama will ever do, and he did it by pursuing his interests, not theirs.

Lastly, how fun is it that while Matthews denigrates capitalists he makes wads of cash denigrating capitalists.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who should give me a back rub but won't.

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