Faked Kidnapping Photo

An update now on one of the more bizarre stories to come out of the Iraq war. Remember that supposed kidnapping (search) of a U.S. soldier several weeks ago that actually turned out to be a doll?

Well, we now have an apparent confirmation of the faked picture from the faker himself. The SITE Institute (search), which tracks terrorist Web sites, found a Jihadist Web site, in which a blogger named “al-Iraqi4” admits to making the whole thing up.

The Internet posting included a picture showing the fake shot being set up and a note from the faker, which said:

“I am a 20-year old Iraqi young man. I am unarmed, independent and do not belong to any party or group. I apologize to all the parties and everyone, for I meant nothing by that [no harm]. The picture was a scheme that I made up with a toy that I bought with $5. Today I am announcing that this news was made up, and that the picture was of a toy that I worked on with the help of some children.”

Al-Jazeera (search), which ran the story of the kidnapping as though it were the real thing, has not yet shown or described how the story was faked.

And that’s the Asman Observer.

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