A quick trip around Hannity's America...

Doctor? No!

She's not a doctor but she plays one at town hall meetings! At the infamous cell phone town hall that was hosted by Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, a woman claiming to be a doctor stood up in praise of health care reform:


ROXANA MAYER, TOWN HALL ATTENDEE: We are like so poor — almost non-existent at treating preventative care. I know this because I'm a general practitioner.

REP. SHEILA JACKSON LEE, D-TEX.: First of all, we should give her an applause. She is a primary care physician. I love her.


How long have you been practicing?

MAYER: Four years.

JACKSON LEE: Four years, give her another hand.


But don't be fooled, that woman is no doctor. The blog Patterico's Pontifications corresponded with her and she admits that she lied at the event. Mayer tried to explain herself by saying, "I went to get a question answered for myself and two other people close to me who are doctors."

And get this: The blog also revealed that the woman was a delegate for Barack Obama in 2008.

Obama's Lexicon

U.S. troops are waging two wars overseas, but you wouldn't know it listening to President Obama.

Politico.com recently looked at all of the speeches delivered by the president since he took office, and they counted the number of times that he has used certain words. The Web site reports that he has said "health" more than the words "Iraq," "Iran," "Afghanistan" and "terrorism" combined.

Out of over 670,000 words reviewed, President Obama has said:

• "America" 2,292 times
• "Change" 649 times
• "Afghanistan" 379 times
• "Iraq" 373 times
• "Homeland" 34 times

I guess protecting the homeland is a part-time job.

Friends Forever

Our Great Moment in Liberal Foreign Policy is brought to you by the United Nations.

You may remember that Iran's presidential elections sparked protests throughout the country. The Iranian people widely believed that they were rigged to ensure that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's victory.

Iranian news sources reported that U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sent a letter congratulating Ahmadinejad on his so-called victory and Mr. Ban's spokesperson confirmed that he did so.

But Thursday that spokesperson retracted her statement. She now says the letter merely "takes advantage of the occasion of the inauguration to express the hope that Iran and the United Nations will continue to cooperate closely in addressing regional and global issues."

I'm sure that President Ahmadinejad is eager to cooperate with the U.N. and the rest of the international community.

Free As a Bird!

Good news for fans of former Ohio Representative James Traficant. The Congressman convicted of bribery, racketeering and fraud is now set to be released from a Minnesota jail on September 2.

The colorful Congressman will receive a hero's welcome: a 1,200-person welcome dinner already sold out.

For those of you wondering what these people are celebrating, let's look at Traficant in action:


JAMES TRAFICANT, FORMER OHIO REPRESENTATIVE: I have enough pressure on me, not only people leaning on me that don't smell good in fact. You smell good.

My throat is sore. I'm having some rectal disorders, as a matter of fact as a result of this.

If they lie again I'm going to go over and kick them in the crotch.

You had one time an FBI Director by the name of J. Edgar Hoover — no offense to cross-dressers — who was a transvestite who once said on national TV there's no organized crime in America. Now beam me up!

HANNITY: I spend lot of time studying your case.

TRAFICANT: Whom am I speaking to?

HANNITY: And some of the evidence against you. I want to bring up a case.

TRAFICANT: Whom am I speaking to?

HANNITY: You talk about the Bushy brothers.

TRAFICANT: Whom am I speaking to?

HANNITY: Sean Hannity.

TRAFICANT: Go ahead, Sean.



Traficant is only the second House member to be expelled since the Civil War.

We look forward to having him back on the program.

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