Dr. Demetria Smith of Dallas Central Ministries (search) doesn't wear religion on her sleeve but she does wear it around her stethoscope.

She's one of the growing number of doctors working at a faith-based clinic. The clinic's purpose is to provide health care for the millions of Americans who don't have health insurance (search).

"There's a definite gap there where patients can't afford the office visits or medication, so I think clinics like ours fill that kind of gap," Smith said.

But clinic by clinic, that gap is closing.

In Dallas, the number of faith-based clinics doubled last year -- and nationwide there are now more than 150. Faith-based doctors also credit the clinics with improving everyone's hospital experience.

Clinic costs are covered by donations and for some clinics, money from the Bush administration's faith-based initiatives (search) budget. Administrators say they don't do it to push religion but because their religion pushes them.

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