Well, I guess I wasn't surprised, but Germany and France confirmed it over the weekend: They are diplomatic back-stabbers.

They are pursuing a different peace plan for Iraq, without even giving us the decency of a heads-up.

The plan -- as you've no doubt heard -- calls for sending in hundreds, maybe thousands of more U.N. weapons inspectors and a U.N. force aimed at keeping the peace in Iraq. The same U.N. guys who through no fault of their own are being led around Iraq like kids on a school trip.

Now that looks like a workable relationship.

It'd be like trusting me to run a bakeshop and leave the Napoleons alone.


You wouldn't buy it and I'm not buying this.

But the point isn't whether the U.N. is up to the task -- it isn't, by the way -- but whether our friends are up to something, period.

Don't you find it odd that at the very last minute France and Germany, who've been about as helpful on this Iraq mess as me offering dietary advice at a Weight Watchers' meeting, pipe in with this cockamamie scheme? As if more U.N. weapons inspectors playing hide-and-seek are the answer.

Somewhere right now Saddam is laughing his face off. He knows he has these guys' number, and what's more, these guys have no problem knowing this guy has their number.

They're patsies and fools. They make Neville Chamberlain look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

They're clueless and deceitful. They'd step on their own mothers' grave to squeeze another Euro of business out of Iraq for the good of themselves, than risk it all for the good of the world.

I don't know what galls me more: Their namby-pamby, sickeningly transparent, way-too-late advice, or the sneaky, phony, back-stabbing way they offer it.

And another thing, if you are going to stab us in the back, could you at least wipe the smile off your face as you're doing it?

You're making me ill.

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