When John Kerry (search) announced that foreign leaders wanted him to be president, he was pressed to reveal their names. At the time, he refused. But now he has named a couple of New York Times reporters, who he says are on his side.

While The Times claims its reporters maintain their neutrality while covering the election, Sen. Kerry presumes to know otherwise. In an interview that appeared in The New York Times over the weekend, Sen. Kerry said the following about two of the Times star writers:

“I believe if you talk with Warren Hoge or you talk to David Sanger, you talk to other people around the world, they will confirm to you, I believe, that it may well take a new president to restore America's credibility on a global basis so that we can deal with other countries and bring people back into alliances.”

Opinionjournal.com notes that this particular part of the interview appeared only in The New York Times’ Web site, not in the newspaper itself. And while there was ample space to clarify that Times reporters do not endorse presidential candidates, such a clarification was not made.

And that's The Observer.

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